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About Saratoga Arts' Grant Programs
Over 20 Years of Grants

Since 1991, Saratoga Arts has awarded $950,000 for community-enhancing and life-enriching arts programs in our region.

In 1993, Saratoga Arts began applying to the New York State Council on the Arts for funds to redistribute as grants to arts presenters, artists, and non-profit organizations in our region through the Saratoga-Program for Arts Funding - Project Grants (SPAF-PG). The program began by offering grants for performances, workshops, and community arts projects across Saratoga County; in 1999 we added grants to individual artists (SPAF-Artist Grant) for the creation of new work that engages the community in the creative process, and in 2011 launched the Fulton-Montgomery Arts Grant program (F-MAG) for arts projects and in-school residencies in our neighboring counties to the west.

This twenty-year history of local, community-based arts grants was anticipated by our Arts- in-Education program, launched in 1991 with local funding before NYSCA caught up with the importance of supporting the integration of arts into non-arts curriculum.

The impact of these programs is astounding: SPAF and F-MAG have awarded 339 grants to 118 arts presenters, non-profit groups, and municipalities, adding up to $572,534; we've granted $83,500 in 35 individual artist grants, and we've directed $209,943 to more than 150 artist residencies in school districts in Saratoga, Washington, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties.

The programs we supported in 2012 directly touched 33,563 artists, audience-members, and school children; we can safely say that, over time, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors have experienced the arts thanks to these programs, and we can only imagine how far the ripples of their positive experiences extend beyond them to affect others


For the 2014 grant cycle, Saratoga Arts has awarded $84,951 for 33 projects involving artists, non-profits, and schools in Saratoga, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties.

In Saratoga County: Saratoga Program for Arts Funding (SPAF) Project Grants, SPAF Artist Grants, and Arts Education Grants

In Fulton and Montgomery Counties: Fulton-Montgomery Arts Project Grants (F-MAG), F-MAG Artist Grants, and Arts Education Grants


The grant program receives support from Saratoga Arts through its Saratoga Program for Arts Funding & Fulton-Montgomery Arts Grants Program, which are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.























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Interactive Grant Map

Interested in attending a local arts event that was funded in part by a Saratoga Arts grant? 

Take a peek at the 2013 Interactive Grant Map!

For Saratoga County arts events, please see the BLUE map markers, and for Fulton or Montgomery County arts events please see the GREEN map markers.

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