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In 30 years, we’ve brought the arts to over 800,000 people!

228,000+ have viewed art in The Arts Center Galleries

18,000+ students of all ages have taken classes

466,220+ people have attended an event funded by our grant program

78,000+ people have rung in the New Year with us

Saratoga Arts has paid artists over $2,290,000 in grant awards, teaching and performance fees, and art sales!



Art Trips & Tours

Trip Overviews:
Sat, February 20
Sat, March 12

Visit Italy’s Lake Country and Cinque Terre
Aug 29 – Sept 7, 2016

Fall is a spectacular time to soak up Italian nature and ex- perience the beauty and culture of this unique area. Gaze upon the majesty of the Lake District nestled quietly at the foot of the Alps. Enjoy the rugged landscape amid mountainous peaks and sip the finest wines cultivated in the heart of the Lombardy region. A scenic boat ride, funicular and ferry ride are just a few of the ways we will explore this lovely region. Among the places we will visit are Lake Como, Rapallo, Portofino and Lugano, Switzerland. After five nights in the Lake District, we will continue to the Mediterranean Sea to the Cinque Terre for three nights where you can wander along the harbor, relax at a sidewalk café and enjoy the natural beauty, or climb the steps to the hills above Rapallo.


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